Zelda Skyward Sword Goddess Wall Shapes: What are the drawing symbols?


After finding the harp goddess in Zelda Skyward Sword, Link can start to find the goddess walls near the groups of blessed butterflies. After seeing these murals, Link can draw a shape on them to get an item. Additionally, to get one of the hearts in the game, players need to find a series of goddess wall symbols and draw them.

What shapes should I draw on the goddess walls in Zelda Skyward Sword?

For normal Goddess Walls in Skyward Sword, players can draw one of many different symbols to get items. These are:

  • Arrow: 15 arrows
  • Circle: 15 Bombs
  • Heart: 10 hearts
  • Hexagon: 10 rubies
  • Hourglass: 10 Hearts
  • Triforce: 3 Fairies

If players draw anything other than the above shapes, they will only get three hearts in return. Once a Goddess Wall has been drawn, Link can’t use it for a while, so make sure that matters.

There is also a series of goddess walls that lead to a piece of heart. Once Link learns Farore’s Song of Courage, Gorko will direct him to a Goddess Wall in the Sealed Grounds. Gorko and a gossip stone will give Link the following tips that tell him which picture to draw:


  • Gorko: “Arrow at rest… You who aspire to hit targets from afar, draw this shape so that it is known. “
  • Gossip Stone: “Rumor has it that drawing an arrow shape on some walls will cause an object of a similar shape to appear. “


  • Gorko: “Closed circle … You who are hungry for destructive force, draw this shape so that it is known.”
  • Gossip Stone: “Oddly, it seems that drawing a circle on some weird walls will produce something round. “


  • Gorko: “The crimson vessel of life… You who yearn for the source of life, draw this shape so that it will be known. Do it, and from the heavens will rain a rain of the essence of life.
  • Gossip Stone: “They say that drawing a symbol of love on certain walls will heal your wounds. “


  • Gorko: “Glittering hexagon… You who seek great wealth, draw this shape so that it is known.
  • Gossip Stone: “Apparently if you draw a silver symbol on some walls you can make a fortune easily.”


  • Gorko: “… The three…… ngles…… the Tri… this…… and…”
  • Gossip Stone: “It is said that it is possible to summon fairies by drawing three triangles on certain walls.

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