Young Muslim “Forced To Wear Shorts” At Yorkshire Cricket Despite Her Religious Beliefs

A Yorkshire coach allegedly forced a Muslim woman to wear shorts when it was against her religion. The alleged incident was uncovered in a report investigating county cricket into racism and discrimination

Yorkshire coach allegedly forced Muslim girl to wear shorts when it was against her beliefs

A young Muslim woman was reportedly forced to wear shorts while playing for Yorkshire CCC when it was against her religious beliefs.

According to The Daily Mail, a member of one of the club’s women’s teams wanted to wear a sweatpants to cover his legs, but the request was denied.

A trainer told her to wear shorts and proceeded to point to another Muslim girl on the court wearing them.

The alleged incident was uncovered in a report investigating Yorkshire, which also highlighted incidents of witnesses hearing jokes and comments about Ramadan.

A spokesperson for the club said: “It is essential that those who have experienced racism, discrimination and abuse are able to come forward to share their experiences.

Yorkshire racism report rocked cricket



“The club’s new president, Lord Patel, described a number of actions to right the wrongs of the past and to ensure the club is inclusive for all.”

The latest discrimination complaints come after Azeem Rafiq was racially abused while playing for Yorkshire.

During two separate periods on the side between 2008 and 2018, the cricketer was repeatedly called a P *** by a teammate.

The announcement sparked outrage and led to the departure of President Roger Hutton, and his replacement on Monday, Lord Kamlesh Patel, publicly apologized to Rafiq and confirmed that an agreement had been reached. The new deal lacks a nondisclosure clause, which the former player was previously asked to join.

The spinner has released a candid statement after settling his employment tribunal with Yorkshire.

“I want to thank my family, the public, politicians, the media and the many players and coaches who have supported me both in public and in private,” Rafiq said.

“You gave me the strength to go through the bad times, which are too numerous since I first spoke about my experiences.

“I also want to thank Lord Patel for making the offer and settling this within 72 hours of his appointment.

“It shouldn’t have taken the rest of the club a year to realize I wouldn’t be silenced by an NDA.”

Azeem Rafiq was racially harassed while playing for Yorkshire County Cricket Club


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Lord Patel, the new chairman of the county cricket team, paid tribute to Rafiq’s “bravery” in speaking out on the allegations of racism and intimidation which rocked the club and the sport in general.

Patel pledged to “regain trust and rebuild relationships,” and praised Rafiq’s decision to come forward and shed light on the situation and has now publicly apologized to the 30-year-old.

“We are sorry for what you and your family went through and the way we handled it,” he said.

“I thank Azeem for his bravery in speaking out. Let me be clear from the start, racism or discrimination in any form is not a joke.”

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