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    Following the Great American Bash, the July 13th edition of WWE NXT was just as important and included a major showdown for the main event.

    After weeks of taunts, Johnny Gargano had his chance at the NXT Championship. However, he may have bit more than he could chew with dangerous Karrion Kross, even though the Samoa Special Referee Joe tried to protect him from the NXT champion.

    The NXT Breakout Tournament was one of the black-and-gold brand’s biggest successes last year, and it has started again this week. The first round match to start the tournament was 205 Live’s Ikemen Jiro against pretentious Duke Hudson.

    Other big games scheduled for the night included Dexter Lumis against Santos Escobar, Sarray against Gigi Dolin and Dakota Kai against Ember Moon.

    The evening was to be filled with top stars competing at the highest level. Only the best would emerge victorious, including the man who held the NXT Championship.

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    Ember Moon went out on his own after Shotzi Blackheart left for SmackDown, while Raquel Gonzalez backed Dakota Kai.

    Team Kick’s captain weathered The War Goddess’ first storm and eventually took over by slamming Moon hard against the steel pole.

    Kai hit the Kaoi Kick followed by a DDT spinout but could only get two on the pin. Moon responded with a Frankensteiner, but her rival recovered enough to crash Moon with GTK for the win.

    Subsequently, Xia Li stomped on the ring and demanded a title shot. Gonzalez accepted the challenge.


    Kai def. Moon by fallen.

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    It was a good opener but it lacked some energy to make it big. Moon and Kai have had better matches in the past. Blackheart’s absence was certainly felt and it seemed that the whole feud had been abruptly ended.

    Kai was allowed to look dangerous but rarely achieved such dominant victories. She overwhelmed The War Goddess and clinched a clear victory without the NXT Women’s Champion intervening.

    Gonzalez vs. Li looks premature, but NXT is clearly making an effort to reshuffle the map after three big female stars leave on SmackDown. It should be a solid game at least.

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    LA Knight gave Cameron Grimes a makeover for his role as butler, and The Technical Savage enjoyed his change despite Knight.

    Knight forced Grimes to mow his lawn manually, which didn’t worry the new butler, who ended up delegating the work to the children and then “accidentally” knocked over Knight in his swimming pool.

    Bobby Fish took to the backstage of Diamond Mine, setting up a match with Tyler Rust. As Fish spun Rust at first, Roderick Strong distracted Fish, allowing Rust to hook up on a cut block and saw kick for the win.

    Afterward, Kushida ran to make the save before Diamond Mine could do more damage to Fish.


    Rust def. Fish by fall.

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    While the result was appropriate, presentation was lacking everywhere. It had a chance to be a really good sprint between two singles stars looking to prove themselves, but it only lasted three minutes and a simple distraction ended the match.

    The crowd chanted “It was garbage,” which is a rare negative appeal from NXT fans but felt appropriate here.

    This whole segment was a dud that didn’t feel worthy of Kushida’s involvement.

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    Gigi Dolin worked hard to prove herself against Sarray, especially after the surprise arrival of Mandy Rose. However, all she could find to beat The Warrior of the Sun were attempts to roll-up.

    Sarray responded with a low dropkick and a Saito suplex for the win.


    Sarray def. Dolin by fall.

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    It was not a good performance for these two women. Above all, Dolin had to try to make an impression, but she seemed totally uncertain in the ring. The only engaging parts of this match came when Sarray was totally in control.

    Rose’s appearance was a surprise, however. She’s a solid performer who needs some fine-tuning and could benefit from some time in NXT. But WWE is going back on tour this week, and The Golden Goddess is in a story right now with Dana Brooke vs. Natalya and Tamina.

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    Santos Escobar mocked Dexter Lumis as a loser while promising to eliminate Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, who holds his NXT North American Championship.

    The tortured artist frightened the former NXT cruiserweight champion, who gladly accepted Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza’s repeated help in saving him. It was only through repeated interference, including Mendoza pulling him out of Silence, that Escobar was allowed to win with the Phantom Pilot.

    Hit Row encountered Legado del Fantasma on the ramp, making it clear that Swerve was not afraid of Escobar. Beth Phoenix told Indi Hartwell to shoot, and she found Lumis after the game and tried to carry it. Candice LeRae separated them.


    Escobar def. Lumis by fallen.

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    While frequent interference made it difficult for the two to really find their rhythm, Escobar and Lumis showed their chemistry in spurts. They can tell a fantastic story with the right construction, and that should be revisited when the time is right.

    For now, it’s Hit Row vs. Legado del Fantasma. Rarely has NXT had two teams this dangerous and ready to quarrel. Swerve can benefit from working with Escobar in a new dynamic, given their proven chemistry.

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    Ikemen Jiro and Duke Hudson both spoke about how much it means for them to win the NXT Breakout Tournament.

    Hudson was overconfident at first and Jiro took advantage of it. He sent Hudson out of the ring following a scissor counter at a Razor’s Edge. However, Hudson’s power was too much for his rival, who fell into a spinning slam.

    Next, Pete Dunne promised to eliminate whoever wins between Karrion Kross and Johnny Gargano. However, Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa attacked him and Oney Lorcan for making their own statement.


    Hudson def. Jiro fell to qualify for the semi-finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament.

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    It was a solid start as Hudson for the wrestler previously known as Brendan Vink. He showed some personality and pulled off some impressive power moves against his smaller, faster opponent.

    The problem was, Jiro had more of an impact in a short game. He is a colorful artist who is hard to forget. He might only ever be a comedy star, but he might soon be the best prospect.

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    Jessi Kamea showed her size and power at the start, but Aliyah couldn’t keep that momentum going. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro returned to the action and reached their tag team signing for the win.

    Aliyah subsequently beat Robert Stone for never helping her. Franky Monet arrived and convinced Kamea to leave Stone.

    Behind the scenes, Stone caught up with the group when Monet informed that the brand was under new management without Aliyah.


    Carter and Catanzaro won. Aliyah and Kamea by fall.

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    It wasn’t really a game for lack of time, but it changed the dynamics of the women’s division in a big way. Monet has found her support to help her move up the ranks, while Aliyah might have the chance to see if she can fend for herself.

    Carter and Catanzaro have finally got everything in place, and now is the right time for them to take the next step. They are NXT’s most established tag team. Team titles should be in their immediate future.

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    Kyle O’Reilly promised he wasn’t done with Adam Cole, but he had to find his killer instinct first.

    Cole walked over to the ring where he said he was done with O’Reilly. He taunted Samoa Joe by saying that no one, including the Samoa bid specialist, was man enough to face him. Bronson Reed arrived and knocked Cole out of the ring.

    Joe stared at Cole as he walked to the ring to prepare for the main event.

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    The result of this segment is more important than the segment itself. It looks like The Colossal One isn’t done with NXT yet. He could get a huge boost from a match with Cole, or it could be Reed’s last loss before he makes his way to the main roster.

    Either way, Cole continues to create a variety of feuds to stay relevant. He is one of the core talents of NXT. He can help build stars or help himself rebuild on the main event stage. We don’t know where he’s going at the moment.

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    Samoa Joe warned Karrion Kross to respect his rule of law, but the NXT champion responded by saying he would hurt the veteran if he took him down. Gargano promised Joe that he would always follow the rules.

    Johnny Wrestling attacked the NXT champion before the bell, and The Samoan Submission Specialist rang as the two wouldn’t stop. They got into a fight outside where Kross slammed Gargano against the announcers table.

    The crowd was behind Johnny Wrestling as he tried to rally, but Scarlett seemed to give the champion more resilience. Gargano sent Kross hard into the barricade to set up One Final Beat, but the defending champion planted him with a series of suplexes.

    Going through the pain, Gargano locked up the Gargano Escape, but Kross propelled him into a Kross jacket. The challenger barely made the ropes and Joe had to push Kross away. The champion attempted to crush Gargano with the steel steps, and Joe again stood in his way.

    As Kross and Joe argued, Gargano took a suicide dive in a DDT followed by the One Final Beat for a near-drop. Kross responded with an elbow rolling to the back of his head, a trio of powerbombs, and then the Doomsday Saito. A second nudge ended him.

    As Joe exited the ring, Kross locked him in the Kross jacket, knocking the NXT executor unconscious.


    Kross def. Gargano fell to keep the NXT championship.

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    It started off hot as expected, and it only got better. Gargano is an absolute pro who has proven that he can have a good game with anyone. What he’s achieved here is giving Kross the best game of his NXT run yet.

    No one has ever felt so fluid working with the champion, and it took nothing from physical consistency and storytelling. Johnny Wrestling never had much luck, but he still got fans to believe when he landed the One Final Beat.

    Kross looked dominant without it being a squash. NXT has also set the stage for its next challenger: Kross vs. Joe seems inevitable at this point. It should be special.

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