The piece “Hindu Times” shows deities partying with alcohol, using the F word: Details


Hindus in the United States and the United Kingdom opposed the organization of a controversial play called “Hindu Times” at the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) in Scotland.

According to reports, the play “Hindu Times” is written by Scottish Indian playwright Jaimini Jethwa and directed by Caitlin Skinner. The FEI has decided to host him at the Royal Lyceum Theater in Edinburgh from August 20-21. The play mocks religious beliefs and shows revered Hindu deities such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi in a bad light. Apparently the play begins with a disclaimer that says, “Contains strong language and adult themes.” “

While condemning the EIF decision, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed pointed out that Hindu gods and goddesses are believed to be worshiped in temples and domestic shrines. He stressed that they should not be presented as searching for alcohol in Dundee and breaking into closed shops to buy alcohol. Zed lambasted EIF for sacrilege, ridiculing the Hindu community and disparaging other traditions. He asked EIF to apologize for his inappropriate selection of a room.

Hindus oppose reception of disparaging games by FEI

Rajan Zed, President of the Universal Hinduism Society, wrote to FEI Board Chairman Keith Skeoch, Managing Director Fergus Linehan, Executive Director Francesca Hegyi and Royal Patron HRH the Earl of Wessex. He urged them to train his executives in “cultural sensitivity” and to reassess the systems and procedures in place to avoid the selection of plays such as “Hindu Times”. He urged EIF partners and funders such as the British Council, the Scottish Government and the UK Government to rethink their association with the EIF.

The Hindu statesman added that the community supported artistic freedom but the sacrilege had hurt followers of the religion. He stated that Brahma-Vishnu-Lakshmi is divine for the Faith and that inappropriate portrayal not only hurts the feelings of Hindus, but creates a false impression in the minds of non-Hindus about religion. “Attempts to distort Hindu gods and goddesses would be a contempt for ancient Hindu traditions. He or other Hindu academics would gladly help if the industry needed help exploring Hinduism, ”he said.

The play has now drawn the ire of 1.2 billion Hindus for deliberate mismanagement and portrayal of the Hindu faith. Apparently one of the scenes also showed Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Brahma using the “F word”. “We ask EIF to listen to the Hindus and not to show this piece”, Note Nandini Singh from REACH INDIA (UK). Kuldeep Shekhawat, Overseas Friends of BJP UK, added: “We ask EIF to remove this piece if it makes derogatory remarks. “

Guardian’s review of ‘Hindu Times’ reveals objectionable portrayal of Hindu deities

The denigration of Hindu deities was such that The Guardian magazine claimed: “The gods Vishnu, Lakshmi and Brahma become intelligent hedonists… The divine beings of Jethwa accidentally find themselves stranded in a Spar store on a party night.

He further added: “Vishnu and Brahma, meanwhile, showed up in their trainers as Vince and Barry, determined to remind Lakshmi of his true nature between jokes and talk about drugs… You don’t. Wouldn’t call it pious, but somehow, as it juxtaposes great ideas about timeless love with the realpolitik of everyday survival, it seems Dundee’s # 1 rule of casual sex – “Nae ridin ‘and bidin'” – has something to do with Sanskrit philosophy.

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