The Edge almost left U2 because of his religious beliefs

The Edge nearly left U2 because of his religious beliefs, according to singer and bandmate Bono.

The Edge, whose real name is Dave Evans, almost quit the band, just as U2 were about to go on tour with their second album. October in 1981.

Bono revealed that Edge was becoming conflicted about “if we can be in a group and be believers”.

Although U2 have never been a religious group, the members’ closeness to religion is widely known. Along with Edge, Bono was also part of a religious congregation, a movement within the Protestant community.

The band were unsure of the music they made, due to the difficult relationship between religion and rock. However, they still managed to express their religious faith through some of their lyrics.

“a kind of agony”

However, guitarist Dave Evans aka The Edge continued to worry about the music and its spirituality. It was a problem that almost spelled the death knell for U2.

The couple attended a non-denominational school together, where they are said to have crossed paths with a group known as the “First Century Radical Christians”. Very strict in their beliefs, this group had pushed Bono and the Edge to stop making music.

Eventually Edge’s conflicting feelings came to a head and he told Bono he wanted to leave the band.

“Edge is not a grouch and does not do melodrama. He was in some kind of agony,” Bono said in a recent interview.

He continued, “Edge said to me, ‘I have a problem that I can’t solve. I’m not sure I want to make music this way.’

“Look, I’m confused too, but there’s a special feeling when we play. It’s when we stop playing that I want shit,” he added.

When Edge insisted he wanted to stop there, Bono said: “Well, if you are out. I’m out, I have no interest in being in there if you’re not”.

“talk to God”

It was then that the employees went to visit their manager Paul McGuinness, who was quick to remind them which side their bread was buttered.

“Paul listened to us and then said, ‘Do I take it you talked to God?’ Bono called back.

“We told him, ‘We think it’s God’s will.’ “Paul replied, ‘So you can just call on God?’ “.

He continued, “’Yes’, we said. Then he said, ‘Well, maybe next time you’ll ask God to break a legal contract. A contract that I signed on your behalf, a legal contract to go on tour’”.

“a good point”

Since then, Bono has written in his memoirs that he could relate to Mr McGuinness’ point of view.

“That was a good point. God is unlikely to make us break the law,” he wrote.

“By the end of the meeting, we were coming to believe that this tour, at least, would continue.”

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Ruth R. Culp