Stop discriminating against students on the basis of their religious beliefs, President Kenyatta tells school administrators

1 President Uhuru Kenyatta called on school administrators to stop discriminating against students because of their religious beliefs, saying the 2010 Kenyan The Constitution guarantees freedom of worship.


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3 Speaking on Sunday at Moi International Sports Complex, Kasarani, during celebrations marking 100 years of Akurinu Church, the president urged school principals to respect the religious beliefs, norms and traditions of all students.

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4 “If you look at all religions, they observe certain beliefs, norms and traditions. For example, our Muslim brothers and sisters have a particular outfit that reflects their beliefs. The same goes for Sikhs.

5 “I want to urge school principals who discriminate against our Akurinu brothers and sisters for wearing their turbans to school to end this habit. It is not justified. No law says a person has no not allowed to identify themselves at school, in the hospital and in the office according to their religion.

6 President Kenyatta has said that students should be allowed to express their religious beliefs in order to develop their trust in God.

seven “Every person has their rights guaranteed in our constitution and they must be protected. Everyone has a right and we want to protect that right so our children can grow up as confident people who understand that their faith is their right,” the president said.

8 He praised Akurinu Church for being at the forefront of spreading the gospel, noting that since its inception in 1922, the church has grown its membership to 1.5 million.

9 “We are here to thank God for guiding us and bringing us to a place where we are celebrating 100 years of his work. Akurinu Church was founded by one of us, a Kenyan who was successful in spreading the gospel and now we have 1.5 million members. It has not been an easy journey. It has been difficult, but by the grace of God we have been allowed to be where we are now,” he said.

ten The President also applauded the leadership of the church in promoting education and spearheading various development activities that have been integral to the socio-economic growth of the country.

11 “You have a generation that not only preaches the gospel but also works in different professions in various fields of human development. Some are doctors, engineers, civil servants, police officers and lawyers, among others.

12 “As we celebrate 100 years, we say thank you to God. Thank you to everyone who has started this journey and we pray that just as an old man who recently celebrated his 100th birthday handed the Bible to a young man, we hope that this gospel will continue for another 100 years.” , President Kenyatta said. he said.

13 During the ceremony, President Kenyatta announced the appointment of several leaders of the Church of Akurinu in public institutions, including David Kiarie Mburu as Chairman of the Kenya Tea Development Authority.

14 Others included Akurinu Church General Secretary Ibrahim Jeremiah Macharia, who was appointed to the board of the Kenya Postal Corporation, Samuel Thiong’o, Chairman of the National Catchment and Storage Authority Water, and Eunice Njeri Njau, member of the Council of the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).

15 Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga praised the Church of Akurinu for championing the liberation of Kenya from the yoke of colonial masters, noting that its foresight in mainstreaming Christianity in African culture has allowed the country to witness progress even as it preserves its heritage. .

16 “The Akurinu started as a group of freedom fighters for our independence. They started by saying that Christianity must be rooted in African culture and must be preached in the African way. There are people who were killed for their faith and some went to the forest to fight for our freedom but they were Akurinu.

17 “After independence, they did not get involved in appropriating other people’s property, such as land, and now they have children and grandchildren who have gone to school and are fully responsible for the work of God,” he said.

18 Azimio’s Umoja-One Kenya running mate Martha Karua urged the Akurinu Church to pray for the country during this election season and said the Alliance is ready to work with the Church for development from the country.

19 National Chairman of Akurinu Church Archbishop Apollo Gachau thanked President Kenyatta for his support of the church and assured him of the organization’s commitment to unity for all the Kenyans.

20 The ceremony was also attended by various leaders and senior officials.



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