Religious beliefs and the Corona virus pandemic – The egalitarian

Religion has been an essential part of people’s cultural practices. Christianity is one of the most common and widespread religions. Unlike other religions, Christianity is more popular because it is not spread by coercion and effort; instead, Christianity is more popular because it has great virtues and promises people eternal life. According to an article by Daniel Burke (2020), the corona virus pandemic has brought out the worst in religion. According to Burke (2020), faith inspired generosity and goodwill, and it also helped people through difficult times. According to Burke’s article, some believers, ranging from Christians to Hasidic Jews, flouted social distancing guidelines believing their God would protect them.

A woman is parked near a COVID-19 vaccine panel as she arrives at a Rite Aid pharmacy on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, in Nashua, NH Even though the United States reaches a COVID-19 milestone of approximately 200 million people fully vaccinated, infections and hospitalizations are increasing, including in highly vaccinated pockets of the country like New England. (AP Photo / Steven Senne) (AP)

For a long time, religious institutions have been a great force for good; they motivate selfless behavior, compassion, and wonderful works of service. However, at the same time, religion can harm not only health, but also life. According to Burke (2020), religion, especially Christianity, makes people believe that a demon is responsible for every terrible thing that happens, and that demon can be defeated through prayer. During this corona virus pandemic, we have seen people refuse the vaccine because they believe prayer will remove the spirit of the virus. According to the article, people have been tortured and killed in the name of religion. There have been interfaith wars which have caused the deaths of many people.

As much as religion is an essential aspect of people’s identity, they should realize that blindly following these religious beliefs can be life-threatening. Burke’s (2020) article is titled When Religion is Dangerous to Health. Through this article, Burke shows how dangerous religion can be harmful to health. During this pandemic, religion has been a source of hope, but it has also become dangerous to people’s health because it clouds their judgment and makes them believe that they do not need medicine.

Ruth R. Culp