Please keep your religious beliefs to yourself

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I have observed “religious” people for most of my life and feel compelled to state my conclusions.

I find it interesting that Jesus never wrote a single word about his mission or his ministry, or who he was. His life being such an upsetting event, nothing was written about him for more than 30 years after his death, and then the gospels were inconsistent.

He never called himself a son of God, he said we were all children of God. He was labeled Christ by a monk 300 years after his death.

Since the Bible was supposed to be the word of God, King James changed it to conform to his beliefs. Jesus never mentioned organized religion or the need for such a religion. Your relationship with God was meant to be intensely personal and sacred. Instead, it became an institutionalized superstition with silly rituals and, in some cases, ridiculous costumes. And it’s male dominated. A major religion practices mutilation of the male penis. They call it a covenant with God. Males have been dominant since the days of the cavemen and they remain so. Even God is a male.

How many women have been prophets? How many women have been popes or rabbis?

Do not mistake yourself. If your religious beliefs comfort you and make you a better, more compassionate and caring human being, you will have more power. But please do me a favor and keep it to yourself. I just haven’t seen any Jesus-like characters walking around here.

And don’t call me an atheist because that assumes theism is legitimate, which it isn’t.

Religious authorities rely on the ultimate loophole to avoid addressing my concerns: To those who disbelieve, no explanation is possible; to those who believe, no explanation is needed.

Manny Garcia, Salt Lake City

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