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Insatiable greed for land allocation

One of the curses Quaid referred to in his speech on August 11, 1947 was the cancer of corruption we inherited from the British Raj.

The colonial occupation used the allocation of land and title to the natives willing to collaborate and serve the Raj as paid employees.

This insatiable greed of the civilian and uniformed paid elite, instead of being contained, was promoted and became so prevalent that abuse took on the status of a boon gone berserk.

What started as welfare for paid government employees, getting subsidized land for building a house, has grown into an obsession, threatening to destroy Islamabad and all major cities with reckless expansion, destroying the environment. .

Successive military governments and the civilian governments they have nurtured through political engineering have made matters worse.

The abuse became so prevalent that the High Court in Islamabad had to intervene by declaring most of these attributions irregular.

What is unfortunate is that while the political leaders at the head of the Muslim League of Jinnah have left behind vast land holdings etc. in India and chose to live and devote their lives to making Pakistan a modern democratic welfare state for all citizens regardless of caste, creed, faith or ethnicity, few of Raj’s beneficiaries had their own subsequent ambitions .

As a result of the migration of Muslims from India, the allocation of evacuees’ property left by a wealthy Hindu population through bogus claims, in association with a few corrupt bureaucrats, created a wealthy novae class devoid of morals and ethics.

This could have been limited if the political process had continued through free and fair elections and national reforms and developments pursued in accordance with Quaid’s vision.

Unfortunately, after Quaid’s demise, the forces that had worked for the Raj strengthened their hold on power.

What started as PRODA in 1949 aimed to curb provincialism, was followed by EBDO in 1959 promulgated by Ayub targeting all major political figures who had been elected after 1947.

Today, we have achieved strategic defense through our nuclear capability, but chaos, injustices, and unethicality tend to destroy us from within.


Attack on the idol

August 30 marked the Janmashtami of Lord Krishna. Hindus across the country observed a Red Letter Day on the auspicious day of Lord Krishna’s birth, but the celebration was in vain, when police officers attacked Lord Krishna’s decorated idol at tehsil Khipro near Sanghar, in Sindh.

It was very pathetic to see government officials demoralize the religious aspect of a minor religion.

The mob of fanatics not only beat the devotees, but also damaged the idol of the deity. In Pakistan, mob attacks are endemic and unstoppable from day to day.

However, according to the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, mob lynching is punishable by false accusations of blasphemy against Islam. to freely profess and practice their religion and to develop their culture.

But very lamentably, the mob lynching and attacks against the gods and divinities of minorities remain unanswered and unpunished.

Hindu deities are vilified, demoralized and damaged time and time again, be it the statue of Raja Ranjeet Singh, the idol of Ganish or the idol of Lord Krishna. The Hindu minority in Pakistan has never been against the blasphemy of Islam.

They have always accepted Muslims as brothers and sisters and never even thought of opposing them. Hindu minorities want strict application of the constitution by the government of Pakistan.

The government should also ensure strict punishment of all culprits who committed this heinous and inhuman act.

Khairpur Mirs

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa will always be remembered for what she said and what she did throughout her life. She began her work with no money, relying only on the help of Providence.

She alone cared for the sick and dying, educated street children, provided shelter for the homeless, cared for the unloved and lonely, and proclaimed the Word of God to everyone she met.

Both rich and poor alike have clearly felt drawn into the mercy of God’s tender embrace by his example as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

His selfless love is a powerful example of what it means to love others as Christ loved us and a sign that God still loves the world today.

Mumbai, India

Women need protection

Islam provides equal laws for men and women and refrains from discrimination based on sex in all areas of life.

However, women are becoming more and more dangerous in our “Islamic” country. They are physically and mentally harassed by men in public and even killed.

Cases of harassment are increasing rapidly in our society. The recent Minar-e-Pakistan incident shook the whole nation and women feel more in danger than ever.

Parents are reluctant to send their daughters out of the house. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry told a cabinet meeting that social media should be under scrutiny, following the recent harassment case.

In addition, the firm has decided to ban this unethical social media content that creates more panic in society.

Therefore, our government must take concrete action against the perpetrators and ensure total safety for the women of our country. Women are as talented as men and can play a vital role in the development of our country.

We can’t spoil our women and their talent just because some men couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.


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