Open Forum: Holy Cross The Goddess

Dorsch Beach, Sainte-Croix (photo from source file)

We can all agree that Holy Cross is a goddess.

Its winding beaches, soft sand, lush lands, blue skies, sparkling nights, welcoming waters, vibrant sunshine.

The goddess Holy Cross expresses herself royally, proud of her colorful culture through a mixture under many flags, over many years.

It is obvious that we are a passionate people who love Our Goddess Holy Cross.

So why do we slap the Goddess Holy Cross in the face while throwing garbage everywhere?



Personally, I think we have momentarily forgotten who gave us this breath of life.

And you know what? It’s good.

Like any good parent, you absolutely must, no matter how difficult, watch your children weaken and fall.

Eventually, we learn that only we can heal or hurt ourselves.

So let’s do something about it, okay?

Like a good “dem chirren”, let’s keep the goddess Holy Cross magnificent by throwing the garbage in the trash instead of throwing it in the streets.

There is a local organization called Cleanup St. Croix headed by Ana Gutierrez.

The Holy Cross cleanup meets at 9 a.m. on the last Saturday of each month at Rainbow Beach.

It is useful to bring garbage bags, gloves and tongs, but it is not necessary.

We really just need you!

Thank you for joining Cleanup St. Croix, and let’s make the goddess St. Croix proud of her “chirren dem”.

Editor’s Note: Lorelie Highfield recently returned home to St. Croix after living in the United States.

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