Mystic Meg reveals what to expect after lockdown


LOVE IS in the air … now we are finally allowed to take off our masks.

The lockdown has put a damper on the romance, but Mystic Meg has taken to the stars to find out what’s in store for singles and those in long-term relationships.


Mystic Meg took to the stars to find out what’s in store for singles and those in long-term relationshipsCredit: Getty
Are you in a long term relationship or single and ready to mingle?


Are you in a long term relationship or single and ready to mingle?Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd


March 21 to April 20

YOU are ready to work for love but this time it will be on your terms.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: Venus has followed a positive passion path throughout 2021 so that partners have learned things from each other during the lockdown that you are really evaluating. The end of August is ideal for weddings.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Jupiter revisits your friendship sector, then dives into new emotional waters.

Watching someone again who’s been a friend for ages can start something very special. Yes, you are impulsive, but confinement has taught you patience.


April 21 to May 21

PREPARE to deal with the full gamut of feelings, from flirting to serious. The charm of Taurus makes you irresistible.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: A simple 2021 disguises the emotional work you put into partnerships. While in containment you put in some time – now you are ready to reap rewards.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: You have a golden aura of personal appeal as the most generous of planets shine in your goal setting area.

Sharing leads to benevolence, from a park bench to a friend request. An open heart is your secret force of love.

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May 22 to June 21

INSTEAD of running away from the vibrations that take hold, you run towards them. Post-containment love is a learning curve you never tire of tackling.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: Romantic roots are your theme as a new phase of emotional security begins. Building a business together creates mutual enthusiasm.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Jupiter’s thirst for the new takes hold of different styles of love – and lovers – but you’ll be sure of what you need. Maps, practical lessons, and star shapes can all be signals of passion.


June 22 to July 22

LOVE is about instinct, security, and communication – and the balance you find is brilliant.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: Venus guides you to release all the feelings you experienced during the lockdown – because now you can implement them. Questioning shared values ​​opens the future to a more enriching partnership.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Your romance radar has pointed you in unlikely directions. Go ahead, because the godfather planet cancels out people’s enjoyment and encourages you to flourish. Love from a distance can seem so perfect.


July 23 to August 23

YOU can show your serious side and move on to a slow growing relationship. Nothing is quite as it seems.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: From money to property, you’ve talked a lot with a partner. Venus helps shape a smoother future. You are ready to let love experience.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Jupiter focuses on your conviviality zone – but in an unconventional way. So, from televised competitions to blind dates, or being organized with someone (especially a lawyer or designer), can seal a common future.


August 24 to September 22

Being more selfish in love and turning wishes into words are indicators of Virgo passion.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: You get a partner to talk by listening so well. But the time of biting your dreams is over, you spell out what you need. Writing, singing or speaking in public can cement a common future.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: You are entering a phase of personal improvement, and it is changing the way you view relationships in your life. You’ll only be with someone because you want to, and when you’re alone you’ll love the feeling of getting stronger on your own.


September 23 to October 23

FANTASY love is no longer out of reach as you make dreams come true. You know your emotional worth and you expect to be rewarded.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: You turn your idea of ​​perfect love into reality. You may have felt pushed into difficult situations or decisions, but now you are freeing yourself to direct love in your own way. A partner will get involved.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Fun without fancy floods your graphic – but you also have a serious emotional purpose. Laughter and silliness catch your interest, kindness and creativity keep it. “E” combines all of the above.


October 24 to November 22

INSTEAD of suddenly and constantly falling in love (or desire), take a step back, let your theme cool down, and intensify your feelings.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: When the pressures increase, a couple can come closer, cementing loyalty and friendship. Then together trace a new path of passion. In mid-September, your name will be on a new love contract.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Your card sizzles with attraction as you break free from a fixed vision of who you love. Expect a massive romantic gesture towards the end of 2021. Housewarming parties and history talks are in luck.


November 23 to December 21

YOU are going to love putting together what you think you want and what you really need.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: You are no longer afraid to make your fears and feelings public. A partner has always valued your honesty, now you are on a new level so serious discussions can be scheduled. August 22 is a hot date.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Think you’re fine solo, think again! As Jupiter increases your communication chart, you can craft the perfect personal profile and put words to your deepest desires. A smiling musician has a passion proposition you’ll love.


December 22 to January 20

YOUR romantic journey may seem like a mysterious tour, but your heart will find the right path.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: Venus traces a path from your learning zone to your sharing area to create new rules focused on equality.

A time when you have felt too heavy a burden of responsibility is coming to an end.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: You begin to believe in yourself, in your ability – and in your right – to be happy. You defend yourself. Maybe you are leaving.

You are able to be honest about the kind of love you need. A date of September third is a life changing date.


January 21 to February 18

REALIZING that the only person you can change is yourself, turn your next few months of love into something truly special. You revisit exciting missed opportunities.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: You are taking clear steps to change your approach to love. A partner will be impressed. You talk without anger, listen without assumptions, and bring back the fun and sexy elements that you missed.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: Love at first sight can happen, or you can see a name, or a face, again after a time of silence or separation and realize what you need to do to be happy.


February 19 to March 20

YOU love in a fluid, ever-changing way that eliminates fear of the future. Bringing doubts to light dispels them.

PAIR WITH CONFIDENCE: Great promises come closer when you give up all effort to control lovers. When you relax, so does romance. And the changes you may have let go of are starting to happen. A trip at the end of August is a rendezvous with fate.

SENSATIONALLY UNIQUE: You will get Jupiter’s bounty by the end of 2021, but first you will have the opportunity to review your feelings. So you no longer fall in love with people who don’t deserve you – and click with a famous doctor who deserves it.

Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for your sex life


Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for your sex lifeCredit: Shutterstock
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