Ministry hosts webinar on “Bailey Trail & Gorichen Trek in Arunachal Pradesh”


The Department of Tourism’s Dekho Apna DeshWebinar series recently hosted its 93rd webinar titled “Bailey Trail & Gorichen Trek in Arunachal Pradesh”. Bounded by the Great Himalayas to the north, it stretches to the south and to the Tropic of Cancer, ends in the Indian Ocean between the Bay of Bengal to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west. In this webinar, two wonderful Bailey Trail and GorichenTrek treks from Arunachal Pradesh were discussed.

The Bailey Trail in the Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh traces the historic route taken by Lt. Col. FM Bailey, a British political officer who explored this region on a trek from Tawang to Bomdila via Jan, Mago, Lurtem , Potok, Changla, Thungri and Chander. The Bailey Trail covers a wide variety of terrain, from lowland pastures and serene villages to mighty glaciers and breathtaking mountain views. Along the way, you will encounter a hot spring in Mago, thundering waterfalls in Jang, and cross icy rivers and high mountain passes touching nearly 16,000 feet. above sea level.

Another great hike was discussed during the webinar was Seven Lakes Trek of Anini, Dibang Valley. DibangValley is the largest district in Arunachal Pradesh with the lowest population density in India. One can discover green mountains, heavy rainfall, rivers, sparkling waterfalls, etc. Anini is the seat of the Dibang Valley located at an altitude of 1968 meters (approximately 6456 feet) above sea level. Many lakes are hidden in the snow-capped mountain. Seven Lakes Trek is one of Arunachal Pradesh’s best kept secrets.

The Gorichen massif comprises five peaks with Gorichen Main, also known as the “White Giant”, at 21,410 feet above sea level. In the local language, the peak is known as “Sa -Nga-Phu ”, which means“ body of the guardian deity ”. The road to Gorichen base camp starts from Tawang via Jang, Mago, Jithang, one can reach Gorichen base camp.

The webinar was presented by Shri Tsering Wange, Founder and CEO, Himalayan Holidays, Arunchal Pradesh and Shri Himangshu Baruah, Entrepreneur and Educator based in North East Tourism.

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