MCU: Each Magic user, ranked by power


With so many different heroes, villains, and characters in the MCU, it’s no surprise that each individual’s powers and abilities can vary widely. That said, there are a number of characters that use the same skill set, like the handful of characters to use Iron Man’s armor tech.

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Thanks to WandaVision and Loki, MCU fans now realize that magic has a big influence on the larger MCU, and will likely continue to be so for many years to come. There are different types of magic in the MCU and with everything fans know so far, there seems to be a clear pecking order.

11 Baron Karl Mordo and practitioners of the mystical arts

Baron Mordo observes the trainees

Mordo is by no means a bad user of magic, he just happens to be the least powerful, especially compared to some of the powers on this list. Mordo is certainly more powerful than most other Mystic Arts users, but there are several who are also more powerful than him.

He is shown wearing the relics known as the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr, suggesting that he is quite a worthy bearer of the Mystic Arts since the Relics usually choose their wearer. He also uses the Staff of the Living Tribunal suggesting that he is quite powerful if the Relic imbued with such incredible power allowed him to use it.

ten Kaecilius and his band of zealots

Kaecilius and his team of extremists prove to be quite powerful; However, they do borrow power from the Dark Lord Dormammu, suggesting that they are not as powerful in their basic forms. Kaecilius is specifically quite powerful, especially in the Mirror Dimension, but his lackeys are managed by Dr. Strange before he has any significant power.

Kaecilius’ material folding abilities are pretty impressive, and he seems to have a pretty good grasp of how to cross the mirror dimension, which makes him a dangerous foe.

9 The faithful librarian of Kamar-Taj, Wong

Wong is the latest in a long line of librarians for Kamar-Taj and he is always learning new spells, incantations and knowledge from the sea of ​​books and transcriptions. While he is outmatched by the fanatics in the first Dr strange movie, he’s gotten much stronger since then.

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It is even believed to be seen in the Shang-Chi trailer battling what many believe to be Tim Roth’s Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. If that’s him, fans will be able to see how strong he got very soon; but if not, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is just around the corner.

8 Thor and Loki’s mother, Frigga

Frigga isn’t shown doing much magic, but her projection of Jane Foster during the Dark Elves invasion of Asgard is entirely believable. She’s also responsible for teaching Loki everything he knows, and since Loki is such a powerful wizard in his own right, it would make sense if his teacher was quite powerful as well.

It’s unclear how powerful Frigga was since she was killed before fans saw one of her true powers. However, she did know that Lebowski Thor was from another timeline and says she was raised by witches, suggesting that she possesses a variety of different powerful magical abilities, including some sort of clairvoyance.

7 Classic Loki is quite powerful in his old age

Although Classic Loki is quite old, he is still an incredibly powerful wizard. Classic Loki explained to Variant Loki that he was able to ward off such a believable duplicate that Thanos believed he actually killed Loki when in fact he broke his neck from a projection. Classic Loki is also seen warding off some incredibly believable duplicates in their secret base so they can escape during the brawl. They also sometimes escape through a teleportation portal summoned by Classic Loki.

He even manages to create a fake Asgard to distract Alioth long enough for Loki and Sylvie to enchant the beast. Classic Loki may have sacrificed himself, or he may have summoned another incredibly believable double; maybe season 2 of Loki will shed light on its status. Classic Loki was perhaps a truly powerful wizard, even though he was not powerful enough to defeat the influence of TVA.

WARNING: The entry below contains spoilers for the Loki Season Finale!

6 The authority for time variation as a whole

Loki, Sylvie and Kang in an elevator

While the man behind the VAT curtain was ultimately revealed to be Kang the Conqueror as many fans had theorized, many VAT mysteries remain. For one, it was never revealed how Kang is able to nullify the energy of the Infinity Stones or various forms of magic.

It is suggested that he brought some very sophisticated 31st century technology with him, but that is only speculation at this point. Even after Sylvie kills the first iteration of Kang, the VAT remains. When Loki is pushed through a time portal by Sylvie, he ends up at the TVA. However, it appears to be a different TVA that has adapted to the new situation of the multiverse timeline, as Mobius and B-15 have no idea who Loki and the three stone statues of the Keepers of Time are. were replaced by a statue of Kang.

WARNING: The entry below contains spoilers for the Loki Season Finale!

5 Gods of Mischief, Loki & Sylvie Laufeyson

Loki and Sylvie are incredibly powerful magic users at about the same level with slightly different skills. From the season finale of Loki, both are capable of some pretty impressive telekinetic prowess and are basically equal when in combat. The combined power of these two is pretty formidable given that they were able to enchant the beast known as Alioth, although Loki has never attempted enchantment before.

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Together, they made it through the TVA and the Void to the last stop at the End of Time to reveal Kang as the man behind it all. Although Kang is actually impressed with them and wants them to take his place as the head of TVA to manage the time as they see fit so that he can finally rest.

4 The Wicked Witch of Westview, Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness is introduced in WandaVision and turns out to be hundreds of years old. Additionally, it was revealed that she was able to absorb the power of other witches through her interference with a forbidden type of magic. It’s unclear how many magic users Agatha has drained over the years, but if she had succeeded in draining Wanda, the world could have been in danger.

At one point, she seemed to beat Wanda in a magical duel against Westview until it was revealed that Wanda was simply taking the lessons she had learned from Agatha and applying them on a larger scale. Considering that Wanda has trapped Agatha in New Jersey, she is likely to unleash some serious magical power on the Scarlet Witch the next time they cross paths.

3 The ancient supreme sorcerer known as the elder

The Acting Sorcerer Supreme is considered the most powerful bearer of the mystical arts, period. During the Ancient One’s time as the Witch Supreme, she certainly proved herself to be a powerful witch, but sadly was not up to the invisible spears and gravity.

Kevin Feige revealed that the Ancient One was around 500 years old when she died, suggesting that she had been practicing the mystical arts (and presumably other forms of ancient magic) for over 460 years assuming she began to studying the arts in your thirties. Centuries of practice would certainly solidify her as one of the best in the MCU.

2 Dr. Strange, aka the current Supreme Sorcerer

Dr strange movie

The MCU’s current Sorcerer Supreme is Dr. Stephen Strange, and he’s incredibly powerful in so many ways thanks to his understanding of the mystical arts. His intelligence enabled him to learn a myriad of spells and techniques in an incredibly short period of time, making him one of the most proficient and powerful Supreme Wizards to date.

With his second film coming in 2022, fans are excited to see what tricks Dr. Strange has in store for them. Having already seen magical abilities such as Ikonn’s Pictures, Cyttorak’s Crimson Bands, Ikthalon’s Icy Tendrils, and Balthakk’s Bolts, fans can only imagine what other comic book spells Strange will perform in there. ‘to come up.

1 Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch


After Kevin Feige indicating that Wanda is the most powerful of the Avengers and Agatha telling fans that the Darkhold indicates that Wanda is even more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, it shouldn’t be surprising to see the Scarlet Witch in the first place. During the events of WandaVision, she barely scratched the surface of her powers just because she didn’t fully understand what she was.

After trapping Agatha in a hexagon, Wanda flies to a remote location where she is seen studying the Darkhold in her astral form while her physical form makes tea. Considering that Strange’s physical form is still unconscious when he enters the Astral Plane, Wanda is able to fully control herself in both states is extremely impressive. She too will be important throughout the sequel to Dr. Strange, so hopefully fans can see some of her true power.

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