LeBron James’ religion: What the Lakers star’s religious beliefs are and how it helped him in his NBA career

Being one of the GOATs of a top sport and a billionaire doesn’t stop LeBron James from being a believer, in fact, he attributes everything to God.

For centuries, faith has helped people maintain balance in their otherwise difficult lives. Whether rich or poor, everyone enters a phase at some point in their life where they need a higher power to help them. Even kings.

The king of the NBA has certainly gotten his help whenever he or someone under him was modest in his life. We’re talking about Lakers superstar LeBron James and his belief in God.

Born in Akron, Ohio to a Catholic family, James’ father was a criminal and was not involved in his life from the start.

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His mother, Gloria James, who conceived him at 16, struggled most of her life with the responsibility of raising her son and two younger brothers due to the death of her mother when she was born. was only 19 years old.

James grew up in the home of his football coach Frank Walker since his fourth year because his mother wanted him to be away from his struggles. This is where his faith in God was strengthened.

LeBron James was born and raised Catholic, and he’s still a firm believer

Growing up with Walker’s 3 children, James had to go to Portage Path Elementary, one of the oldest schools in Akron, which may not have been the best place for a child, but that’s where her holistic learning began.

While James was in St. Vincent–St. Mary High School, a Catholic school in Ohio, he was a nationwide famous basketball prodigy, labeled “The Chosen One”, he had become a firm believer in God.

It could have kept him grounded despite all the nation’s attention behind him before he even made it to the NBA.

After doing so in 2003 as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ No. 1 pick, it took him 9 years to win his first championship. His faith kept him going. This is how he won his fourth in his 17th year.

When he sent this tweet after losing the 2011 Finals in an upset to the Dallas Mavericks, it sparked internet controversy against him for calling on God for his failure.

But as his career progresses. He finally proved he was one of the greatest to do so, earning 4 chips in 8 years and consistently appearing in the NBA Finals for 9/10 of the 2010s playoffs, that statement s proved to be correct.

He credits God with even the little things he does from time to time. In fact, he credits all of his success to “the man upstairs”, as well as the people around him.

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Ruth R. Culp