Haitians are not vaccinated due to religious beliefs

Thousands of Haitian immigrants are resisting receiving the covid-19 vaccine due to religious beliefs, alleging that the tea and concoctions prevent the disease, informed William Charpantier, coordinator of the National Roundtable for Migration and Refugees in the Republic Dominican (Menamird).

He said another argument for not getting the immunization is that covid-19 represents “The Beast”, a religious figure associated with the devil.

He maintains that to counter these beliefs, they have developed activities and presentations of documentaries in Creole, in the places where they are concentrated to raise awareness of the urgency of getting vaccinated.

He said that the apathy towards the vaccine on the part of Haitians is observed in the almost zero presence of these in the vaccination centers.

Likewise, he urged the authorities to vaccinate all immigrants who present a document, and not just their passport, as is currently the case.

He recalled that 288,000 Haitians had joined the National Regularization Plan, provided with their identity cards, even expired, and should be entitled to vaccination.

During yesterday’s tour of Greater Santo Domingo, no Haitian immigrants were observed at vaccination centers, even though there is a government provision to vaccinate foreigners who present documents such as passports.

Ruth R. Culp