Facebook revamps user profiles, removing political views, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.

In the world of social media, most of the attention is – understandably – focused on what’s happening on Twitter, but changes are also happening on Facebook.

From the beginning of December, some information fields are removed from user profiles. The fields in question are Religious Opinions, Political Opinions, Address and Interested, the latter being the field used to indicate sexual orientation.

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Facebook owner Meta says the change aims to make the social network “easier to use”. It is seen by some as a step towards streamlining the site in general, and profile pages in particular. Although this information field disappears from profiles, nothing prevents Facebook users from including it elsewhere.

As revealed by Matt Navarra, emails have been sent out to everyone who will be affected by the upcoming change:

In a statement, Meta spokesperson Emil Vazquez said:

As part of our efforts to make Facebook easier to navigate and use, we’re removing a handful of profile fields: Interested In, Religious Views, Political Views, and Address. We send notifications to people who have filled in these fields, informing them that these fields will be deleted. This change does not affect anyone’s ability to share this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook.

Image credit: jovannig / photodepot

Ruth R. Culp