Donald Trump-endorsed writer ridiculously claims Tim Tebow’s religious beliefs led to the end of his career

Tim Tebow excelled in two sports during his high school days, but his immense success at that level didn’t translate after college. Author Nick Adams claims it wasn’t his lack of talent that drove him to flame in both baseball and football, but rather his unapologetic Christian beliefs.

Adams bizarrely said it was Tebow’s faith that led to him being boycotted by MLB and the NFL.

Adams tweeted:

“Tim Tebow is the ONLY athlete in history to be blackballed for his faith by the NFL and MLB. He batted .494 in high school and was on course for Cooperstown when he returned before baseball woke up and stop his rise to stardom. . I DEMAND a total boycott!”

Tim Tebow is the ONLY athlete in history to be blackballed for his faith by the NFL and MLB. I DEMAND a total boycott!

The author has been a strong supporter of the former quarterback on Twitter. He even tweeted that parents should raise their kids to look like Tebow and not Colin Kaepernick.

“WINNERS like Tim Tebow, not VICTIMS like Colin Kaepernick.”

Raise your sons to be VICTORIES like Tim Tebow, not VICTIMS like Colin Kaepernick.

The truth is much less controversial than Adams seems to believe. Tebow was a great talent, but it just didn’t work out for him. He had more than one opportunity to prove his worth, but could never excel on the pitch.

It will be interesting to see if Adams leads the way by boycotting both sports in the 2022 season.

The interesting career of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow celebrates Florida's BCS National Championship win over Oklahoma
Tim Tebow celebrates Florida’s BCS National Championship win over Oklahoma

Tim Tebow had a stellar high school career in baseball and football. He pursued a career in football and joined the University of Florida, where he enjoyed immense success. He has won two BCS National Championships and the Heisman Award.

Tebow’s college football exploits prompted the Denver Broncos to select him in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. After spending his rookie season as a backup, Tebow was given the quarterback role- starting fullback in the 2011 campaign.

The quarterback made an impact, helping the Broncos win the AFC West for the first time in six years and leading them to a sensational playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During that campaign, he went 7-4, throwing for 1,729 yards, 12 touchdowns and six interceptions. He completed 46.5% of his passes. He added 660 yards and six rushing touchdowns. In the playoffs, he threw for 452 yards and two touchdowns in two games, completing 40.4% of his passes.

On this day, 9 years ago, #Broncos QB Tim Tebow created the biggest upset of the season by beating the #Steels with an 80-yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas in the first play of overtime. John Elway traded him to #Jets out of season.

A loss to the New England Patriots ended the Broncos’ season, but Tim Tebow turned heads with his efforts. He was also noticed kneeling on the football pitch, praying after games. After that season, the Broncos traded Tebow to the New York Jets after he landed Peyton Manning in free agency.

Tim Tebow didn’t really play with the Jets and was cut by the team. The Patriots signed him to a two-year deal, but with Tom Brady at the helm, Tebow had no chance of winning the starting quarterback job. He was dropped from the squad without making the final roster. It happened again at the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2016, Tebow announced that he wanted to play in MLB. After much deliberation, he signed with the New York Mets. He spent five seasons in their farming system without being called up. In 2021, Tebow retired from baseball and attempted to return to the NFL as a tight end.

The head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars at the time was Urban Meyer, who coached Tebow while at the University of Florida. Meyer gave the former quarterback a chance to prove his worth as a tight end. Unfortunately, the team cut Tebow in August 2021, ending his hopes of returning to the NFL.

Tebow’s philanthropic work and his Christian beliefs have made him a popular athlete among talkers. Unfortunately, his inability to perform at the highest level is the real reason he failed to land a permanent job in the NFL or MLB.

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