Creators of the film Bhavai by Pratik Gandhi

the Bhavai the teaser featured Pratik Gandhi dressed as Raavan, playing his role, in a play based on the epic Ramayana. The film’s previous title drew criticism on social media, with some accusing the film of “glorifying Raavan”.

The statement continues: “With due respect to concerns regarding the promo title and some dialogue in the promo, we would like to clarify that the above dialogue and title ‘Raavan Leela’ is not part of the film and has been removed. of the promo thus respecting the feelings of our viewers.

“We have the highest regard for Hindu culture and the Ramayana. The Film and/or any part of it does not injure any religious sentiment or religious belief. The film ‘Bhavai’ has been approved and passed by the Censor Board of Film Certification under the ‘U’ category,” Pen Studios’ statement read.

The statement concluded, “We hope this clarifies and allays all apprehensions, misrepresentations, doubts and apprehensions regarding our film ‘Bhavai’ in various media, including digital media.”

Bhavai is presented by Dr. Jayantilal Gada (Pen Studios) and stars Pratik Gandhi, Aindrita Ray, Rajesh Sharma and Abhimanyu Singh. The film, directed by Hardik Gajjar, is set to be released on October 1.

Ruth R. Culp