COLUMN: Think again – Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe in diversity


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he appreciates diversity. He has even said on several occasions that diversity is our country’s greatest strength.

However, while Trudeau might value the appearance of diversity, he has little use for diversity itself. If he truly valued diversity, he would not have forced his former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to quit the Liberal Party. As we’ve seen over the past five years, anyone who refuses to do Trudeau’s bidding risks becoming a political killer.

To make matters worse, his government has been openly hostile to faith-based institutions that uphold traditional Christian beliefs about sexual morality. Trudeau’s clumsy attempt to make funding for the summer jobs program conditional on explicit support for abortion rights was a prime example.

While the abortion rights attestation was eventually scrapped, Trudeau found other ways to target faith-based institutions. Instead of having applicants sign a blatantly discriminatory certificate, it was much easier to get bureaucrats to quietly use questionable reasons to deny funding to certain organizations with “wrong” beliefs.

This is what happened at Redeemer University, a Christian post-secondary institution in Hamilton, Ontario. Even though Redeemer had received funding for summer jobs every year since 2006, he was turned down in 2019 due to concerns about his “discriminatory work environment”.

Not surprisingly, federal officials have challenged the Redeemer position on the definition of marriage. Even though they found no evidence of actual discrimination, Redeemer’s request for funding was rejected. That meant Redeemer couldn’t move forward with his plan to hire 11 temporary positions ranging from summer camp attendants to water treatment plant workers.

Unfortunately, instead of evaluating this candidacy on the basis of merit, a federal bureaucrat unfairly rejected the Redeemer candidacy because of the religious beliefs of the university.

It’s not just my opinion, a judge concluded the same. In fact, Judge Robert Mosley found that the Redeemer ‘s rights had been so blatantly violated that he ordered the federal government to pay the entire Redeemer’ s legal bill of $ 102,000. Mosley’s judgment leaves no doubt about the discriminatory approach of the Trudeau government.

According to Mosley, upon receiving the Redeemer’s request, a federal bureaucrat “did a quick internet search for information on Redeemer practices and policies, posted a few pages on his faith-based approach to education, and submitted them to the escalation committee as evidence. of the ineligibility of the Redeemer. ”

In other words, the federal government deliberately rejected Redeemer’s candidacy because it disliked the university’s denominational perspective. It’s about as blatant as it gets. No wonder the judge ruled decisively in favor of the Redeemer.

However, while we should be happy that Redeemer University won its case, it leaves us wondering how many other religious groups have been treated unfairly by this government but have not had the means to say so. The Redeemer went to court on a matter of principle, even if it meant a costly legal fight.

Imagine how many other organizations would have looked at a potential legal bill of $ 100,000 and pulled out of a legal battle. This is probably what the federal government was counting on. Fortunately, the Redeemer administrators recognized the importance of resisting Justin Trudeau’s intimidating ways.

True diversity is not about racial quotas or forced adherence to a common set of beliefs. A government that truly values ​​diversity will respect the fact that people think differently from each other. In fact, diversity of thought is probably the most important type of diversity.

Despite what Justin Trudeau says, it’s increasingly clear that he doesn’t really believe in diversity. We have had enough empty talk from this Prime Minister. If Trudeau won’t respect diversity, it’s time to replace him with someone who will.

Michael Zwaagstra is a high school teacher and Steinbach city councilor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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