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CHENNAI: The city’s cybercrime police have used the popularity of YouTube channels of ‘PUBG’ Madhan, who was arrested last week for abusive content, to post his own advice to users of several of his other pages on sites of social media like Facebook and Instagram. Those who visit these pages are greeted with messages such as “Go to study”, Çhennai police are monitoring you “and” We will inform your parents “. Many teenage visitors, chastised, responded with messages of “thank you sir”, according to the police.
On June 20, a day after a city court sacked Madhan until July 3, the Central Crime Branch removed videos of “Madan”, “Toxi Madan 18+”, “PUBG Madan Girl fan” and “Richie” Gaming YT “- all hosted by Madhan on YouTube – and blocked the channels. Members of a group of less than 18, who were regular visitors to “Toxic Madan”, found this post on the cover photo: “CHANNEL BLOCKEDChennai Cyber ​​Crime”.
Madhan had refused to reveal the email ID and passwords of his channels, but cybercrime detectives managed to decipher them using various cyber tools and changed the IDs and passwords of the users to ensure that it no longer accesses it.
Police who accessed her Instagram account sent a series of warning messages such as “don’t use bad words in PUBG” and “be careful, you are all under surveillance.”
Among former Madhan fans who thanked the police, a boy from Malaysia said he followed him when Madhan had 50,000 subscribers and was even ready to buy an iPad for Madan overseas, although he didn’t like derogatory comments.
Another fan asked the police for advice to help him move forward in life, while another said the police had opened their eyes and he would focus on studying. A senior police officer said they knew Madhan’s supporters would be curious about what happened to his chains. “This is the right place to send a message to several young people, who must realize the danger that awaits them.”

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