“Bungee Jumping Of Their Own” Remake Reportedly Canceled Due To Writer’s “Religious Beliefs”

The television adaptation of the 2001 film Bungee jumping on their own would have been canceled due to the “religious beliefs” of the original writer

Last week it was reported that production on the upcoming series that would feature NCT’s Jaehyun had been halted. “[out of] respect [for] writer’s opinions ”after“ expressing concerns ”about the upcoming adaptation. At the time, it was not clear exactly what these concerns were.

However, according to news News from the stars report, the sudden cancellation is believed to be due to the “religious beliefs” of the original film’s writer. Industry insiders claimed in the news release report that the original screenwriter objected to the remake after they became a “devout Christian,” as translated by Koreaboo.

The original plot of Bungee jumping on their own followed a high school teacher, Seo In-woo, who is struggling to overcome the death of his girlfriend. He later meets a student, Im Hyun-bin, whom he falls in love with after realizing that the student has a similar personality to his ex-girlfriend.

“It has also been reported that the original screenwriter has expressed his intention to take legal action against the production company if he chooses to proceed with the remake,” according to the News from the stars report. “There was no financial demand or room for negotiation since the production was opposed on the basis of religious beliefs.”

The remake was to be produced by Choi Nak-kwon, who also produced the original film. It was reportedly directed by Kim Jong-hyuk, known for directing dramas such as Spring day and God Quiz: Reboot.

Ruth R. Culp