After Liberty Institute’s first call, military questions are in favor


FT. HOOD, Texas, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The First Liberty Institute announced today that the U.S. military has agreed not to issue a formal rebuke to Chaplain (Major) Andrew Calvert. The decision paves the way for the erasure of Chaplain Calvert’s file, which opens up the possibility of future promotions and assignments.

“We are very happy for Chaplain Calvert and congratulate the military on making the right decision,” said Mike Berry, General Counsel for the First Liberty Institute. “No serviceman should ever be punished for their religious beliefs.”

Chaplain Calvert said, “I am grateful for this favorable decision and look forward to continuing to meet the spiritual needs of the soldiers I serve with.

Chaplain Calvert had been threatened with an official reprimand ending his career over comments he made from his personal social media account. Responding to a news article, Chaplain Calvert expressed his religious beliefs and support for the Department of Defense (DOD) ban on transgender military personnel. At the time of his post, Chaplain Calvert’s statements were entirely consistent and supportive of existing DOD policy. Nonetheless, an army investigator concluded that Chaplain Calvert’s religious beliefs violated army policy, and the military suspended Chaplain Calvert from his chaplain duties and considered issuing a reprimand. formal. First Liberty successfully appealed the reprimand, likely saving Chaplain Calvert’s career and reputation.

Chaplain Calvert has 16 years of service and has deployed to combat zones several times. His military awards and decorations include the Bronze Star and three Meritorious Service Medals.

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