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Yesterday the Sonic amateur games fair began, continuing a 21-year tradition of fans coming together to share new games, demos, mods and engines. And although the name suggests, it is about Sonic, SAGE is more than ROM hacks and fan games based on the popular Sega mascot. (But don’t worry, there are still a lot of Sonic content for fans of the blue hedgehog.)

The digital exhibition started in 2000. The event was created as a way to “help promote and showcase people’s creations in an easy and free way and give developers a deadline to meet.“It has continued to grow over the past two decades. The 21st Sonic Amateur Games Expo started yesterday. It runs until August 27.

On the official SAGE website you can find more than 160 games created by the community. Some of these games use Sonic characters or are based on other video game franchises. But there are also completely original video games developed by independent developers. On a YouTube channel connected to the exhibit, you can currently catch feeds where people are playing through the various fan-made games and indie titles.

It’s not just about games shared as part of the Expo, but you can also find engines, mods, and other hacks developed by users. That’s an impressive amount of content and organization that, as you might have guessed, Sega is not officially connected or affiliated with at all.

The full story of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo can be found on a long and detailed page hosted on SonicRetro.org. As expected with any long-lasting community event, there have been some ups and downs. But it’s still crazy to see something that feels modern – an online indie game festival – that has been around for two decades and is run entirely by fans!

Be sure to check out all the games available on the official SAGE website. You can also follow the exhibition on Twitter.

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